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We love plants and work to find the perfect plants that your yard or garden needs. Wether that is low maintenance, deer resistant, shade tolerant or a theme like a peace meditation garden, we will work with you to find your new additions. 

Our Process:


Assessing the space and conditions, recognizing all the elements to the area and setting in which the planting will go.

Choosing a plant palette, the client will be sent images, resources and lists to look over and connect with Maxi about what they like. 

Installation. The planting will be placed for client to see before going in the ground. This ensures the spacing and flow of planting is aligned with our client. 

Amendments and mulching will be optional as needed for the planting.

Aftercare and watering, Maxi will go over watering schedule for client to do, or will work out watering schedule with GGC. 

Maintenance as needed. 

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